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Discover the beautiful Brisbane Valley region!

Discover the beautiful Brisbane Valley region with our unique llama walks!

Are you looking for a fun and unique family activity? Our llama walks are a fantastic way to discover the beautiful Brisbane Valley region. Thanks to Ottaba Llama Walks, you can now stroll through the countryside with a friendly llama as your companion!

Llamas are affectionate and intelligent animals, each with their own character and personality. Due to their gentle, social nature they have been used as pack animals in South America for hundreds of years. Ottaba Llama Walks has llamas to suit anyone!

Whether you choose to trek the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail or do a Winery Walk, you are guaranteed a special and memorable experience. Call today to find out more.

Contact information

'Ottaba Llamas' Brisbane Valley Highway
Ottaba, QLD 4313
0407 165 100


We can bring llamas to..
*School Functions -under 8s day, Fetes.
*School Educational Visits- History/Craft
*Business Promotional Events
*Birthday Parties
*Llama Therapy- Aged Care,Special Needs


Farm Visits

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You can also arrange a time to visit our llama farm where you can come and see our various camelids including llamas, alpacas and our camel. You'll also meet the usual farm animals such as mini goats, cattle, donkeys, and our sheep. 
Check out our events page for our upcoming open days or visit the Ottaba Llama Walks Facebook page for more information!

Llama walks

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Personalise your llama experience by choosing from one of our great guided walks! Our llama walks include:
  • Brisbane Valley Rail Trail Walks
  • Winery Walk

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